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What is the amount of the Leadership Award?
The Herb Kohl Leadership Award is a one time only $6,000 award to the selected principal, and the principal's school also receives $6,000. Sixteen Leadership Awards are awarded annually--12 to public school principals and 4 to religious/independent school principals/administrators.

Who is eligible?
Pre-K through Grade 12 Wisconsin principals must first be nominated online by a parent, teacher, student, community member or administrator before they can apply. Previous Kohl Leadership Award recipients are ineligible, however principals who received Kohl teacher fellowships or Kohl scholarships when in high school are eligible. Applicants who have been nominated in the past but not selected as a Leadership Award recipient may re-apply if nominated. 

How can I be nominated?
You must be nominated on this web site by a parent, teacher, student, community member or administrator.  Potential candidates cannot self-nominate. Nominations must be submitted by October 8, 2019.

After I am nominated, what is the next step?
Nominated principals are notified of their nomination no later than mid-October. If they choose to apply, they must do so online using the link that they are sent from the Kohl Foundation.  

What is the application deadline?
Kohl Principal Leadership nominees must submit their completed applications online no later than Tuesday, January 7, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. central time.

What is the selection process?
​The Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (AWSA) will review each public school applicant’s packet, and the Wisconsin Council for Religious and Independent Schools will review each religious/independent school applicant.. Successful applicants' materials will be forwarded to a State Selection Committee by in early 2020. Representatives of the Kohl Educational Foundation, CESAs and MPS, the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools, the Wisconsin Newspaper Association, and state education-related associations serve on the State Selection Committee. The committee will  score applications in late January.  Applicants who are selected to receive Leadership Awards will be contacted by the Kohl Foundation in early March.

How will an applicant be notified if he or she has been chosen to receive a Kohl Leadership Award?
Applicants who are selected to receive Leadership Awards will be notified by the Kohl Foundation in early March. The Leadership grant will be sent to recipient principals and the matching grants will be sent to recipient principals' schools in late June.

Are there restrictions on how the Leadership Award may be used?
There are no restrictions on how a Leadership Award recipient may use his or her $6,000 award. The Kohl Foundation suggests that the Leadership Award recipient's school use its $6,000 matching grant for innovation in education.